On the Sanctity of Human Life: Considerations Regarding Life and End-of-Life Issues


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Written to Pastors, Christian healthcare workers, and Christians sitting in our churches, On the Sanctity of Human Life is a straightforward book detailing a biblical perspective of the sanctity of human life; but more than that, it delves into how we as Christians need to view life when we are faced with decisions such as having a family, dealing with sickness and death, and maintaining a proper perspective of the uniqueness and value of every human life from the moment of conception. 
This book is written with the purpose of informing ministry and laity alike of some of the complex issues that face and will face every family in every one of our congregations.  
It also seeks to alert believers who work in the medical community to the humanistic influences behind some of the changes being implemented in medical institutions across America.  
Additionally, pastors have a duty to be informed and aware of what is happening in the world around us. We must become aware of a worldview that is prevalent and growing in modern medicine, academia, government and public media that is quite contrary to Scripture. This prevalent worldview, by reason of its pervasiveness in many parts of our society, will invariably affect our thinking unless it is countered with sound, biblical teaching that inculcates a biblical worldview as it relates to these issues.  
Some areas of the United States generally have a more Judeo-Christian mindset than other areas of the country, and the secular worldview described in this book is not as prevalent in those areas. As a result, the medical professions there have not been as deeply affected. Much of the country, however, is profoundly influenced by a culture that devalues human life, and this has infiltrated the healthcare industry. 
It is my hope that pastors will read these pages with interest and use this book as a stepping stone to become vitally informed about the issues that face every family. This is so they can wisely counsel families and individuals in their congregations—and teach them these principles before their times of need!  
Every Christian needs to understand these principles and how they apply to life and end-of-life situations so they will not have to try to digest it all during a time of crisis.

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