Home Bible Study Director, Youth Mentor and Soundman

Paul Kolej

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Paul Kolej is one sharp guy!  He is warm and friendly and has a genuine care for people.  Brother Paul was our Youth Leader for a number of years, then turned those duties over to Bro. Paul Connell—and remains actively involved in our Youth program as Youth Mentor.

His primary role is directing our Home Bible Study Department. He is training instructors, and working hard to keep people involved in keeping us on track in the very important business of discipling epople through a number of Home Bible Study programs that we offer. He often takes a lead role in our worship services, manages all of our sound equipment and takes care of recording the sermons for those wanting CD's or MP3's. 

Retired as a Master Chief in the US Air Force, Paul is a manager for United Airlines helping to keep those huge jets in the air.  He has a variety of interests including family, fishing, hiking (he even recently climbed a mountain in China!), keeping in shape and studying the Word. 

  April 2020  
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